Monday, February 23, 2009

Hitting Milestones

I can hardly believe that it is now close to the end of February.  It doesn't seems like a second since Christmas and at the same time, I feel a bit like I've aged about 10 years since starting work on Tourdust last summer, most of that since we launched about 6 weeks ago!  But, now that the snow has melted and spring feels like it is well and truly on the way, it feels like a good time to take stock and look at some of the milestones that we have reached...

1)  We now have over 200 local experience providers on Tourdust offering over 270 individual experiences. For those of you who have been following our progress, you will know that we have pretty much contacted each and every one of these providers ourselves! (In fact, I just found one of my first tweets from 27th November proudly announcing our 20th experience on the site.....).  Anyway we now really need to prioritise the development of the referral channel.  It will be an interesting experiment to see if businesses will refer other businesses in the same way individuals do on facebook et al.  We have seen it happening already with Tourdust informally so fingers crossed.  We believe it will work because there are already established networks within the world of small & passionate operators.  

2) Had our first piece of press coverage in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago.  Not a huge mention, but a mention all the same.  

3) Have been covered in several blog reviews, including Alex Bainbridge, Travel Rants

4) Been showcased as website of the month for Travel Notebook  and website of the day for Enterprise Nation.  

5) On a personal note, metaphorically speaking we are giving birth to our 'second' baby this year in a couple of weeks.  We are expecting our third little girl, making that three kids under 4 plus a start-up.  I think we need a holiday!

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OverlandSi said...

I hear you guys are also off to a Blogger "thing" in Berlin too? I hope I got that right.

Well congrats to you - on everything above. Tis a bloody achievement and a half. I am struggling away trying to start and then keep travelling, learning all the way.

Crazy times, but the most fun I have ever had.