Friday, November 7, 2008

places to get the travel-buzz in blighty

Starting a business has somewhat limited our travelling options recently - much to our consternation!  So we have become suckers for things to do at the weekend that can somehow feel a bit exotic and well travel-esque.  So here is a list of places that feel a little bit different:

1. Camden Lock Market, London.  Ok there are some pretty strange looking people, the food from the stalls never tastes as good as it looks, and you have to deal with a curious mix of vegetarians, rockers, hippies & barrow boys, but there is no denying it is different.  Loads to look at and none of your bland high street here.  You even get the crazy women shouting at you trying to sell you some egg fried rice slop just like you do in Thailand!

flickr user: Toni Verd flickr user: Rob Inh00d

2. Borough Market, London.  Definitely more well heeled than Camden.  Cheap street food from around the world becomes pricey gourmet delight for moneyed londoners.   Still you can get some delicious food here, and very (very) vague reminders of night markets in Malaysia....

Borough Markets by Rob Qld.
flickr user: Rob Qld 

4. The Lanes, Brighton: Much in the same vane as Camden, but a little less weird and less mainstream at the same time.  Loads of independent stores and coffee shops.  The San Fancisco or Melbourne of England.
Lanes by lewishamdreamer.
flickr user: lewisamdreamer

3. East Anglia, The Norfolk Broads etc.: hmm a strange one (in more ways than one), and must admit I've never spent a lot of time here, but I've always thought that is a bit different to the rest of England.  All that flatness and the broads.  Kind of feels a little bit different.

Unfortunately pretty much all the other towns in England are all "same same but different" - so am struggling to think of any more.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Liz said...

All nice places, but nothing compares to the fish van in Hertford market on a Friday. We get great mussels there and once we've cooked them up, and helped them down with a large glass of white wine, we can almost imagine we're back in Brussels in front of a large bowl of moules frites.