Wednesday, October 29, 2008

flickr travelling

I’m currently knee deep testing bugs on our new website (we're up to bug #202!), and I've been busy pulling in test photos from flickr.  Some of the travel photos are stunning, and it got me thinking.  What with the impending financial apocalypse, and nobody having any money to get away, will we be living out the cold winter surfing gorgeous travel web-sites.  Kind of like a car-geek poring over pictures of Ferraris and Lamborghinis they will never be able to afford?

Try it for yourself, how about a bit of Hunter Valley Australian goodness:

(Flickr user: Krossbow)

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Louise Dale said...

Love the blog so far, it all sounded so familiar to me, well the travel, motherhood and teenage diaries but not the setting up one's own business bit! Will leave that to you guys, I know it will be a big success. Am also a virgin blogger, promise to improve with practise......